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Trader Alert 21-18: Fee Schedule Update Effective June 1, 2021

Effective Tuesday, June 1, 2021, MEMX will be implementing the following changes to transaction fees, subject to filing with the SEC:  

  • Adoption of the Displayed Liquidity Incentive rebate, as described in Trader Alert 21-17
  • Adoption of a liquidity provision tier.
  • Increase of the rebate for Midpoint Peg orders that add volume. 
  • Increase of the fee to remove volume.
  • Reduction of the base rebate for added displayed volume. 

Changes are reflected in bold text below. 

Trading Fees and Rebates

Fee CodeDescriptionFee/(Rebate) – Securities at or above $1.00 (“A”)Fee/(Rebate) – Securities below $1.00 (“B”)
B, D or JAdded displayed volume$(0.0031)(0.05% of total dollar value)
B1, D1 or J1Added displayed volume, Liquidity Provision Tier$(0.00335)(0.05% of total dollar value)
Bq, Dq or JqAdded displayed volume, DLI$(0.0036)(0.05% of total dollar value)
Br, Dr or JrAdded displayed volume, Retail Order$(0.0037)(0.05% of total dollar value)
HAdded non-displayed volume$(0.0020)(0.05% of total dollar value)
MAdded non-displayed volume,
Midpoint Peg
$(0.0025)(0.05% of total dollar value)
RRemoved volume from MEMX Book$0.002650.05% of total dollar value
ZRouted to another market, removed liquidity$0.00300.30% of total dollar value

Please see the Fee Schedule and the DLI Program Page for more details.

Contact Market Operations or your MEMX Relationship Manager with any questions.