Alerts and Notices

MEMX Fee Schedule


Transaction Fees

MEMX Members are charged per share fees or provided per share rebates based on shares executed within each of the fee code categories below.

Fee CodeDescriptionFee/(Rebate) – Securities at or above $1.00 (“A”)Fee/(Rebate) – Securities below $1.00 (“B”)
B, D or JAdded displayed volume $(0.0034)(0.05% of total dollar value)
Br, Dr or JrAdded displayed volume, Retail Order$(0.0037)(0.05% of total dollar value)
H or MAdded non-displayed volume$(0.0020)(0.05% of total dollar value)
RRemoved volume from MEMX Book$0.00260.05% of total dollar value
ZRouted to another market, removed liquidity$0.00300.30% of total dollar value
Notes: The Reserve Quantity of an order is treated as adding displayed volume, and thus, the rebate for adding displayed volume applies to any Reserve Quantity of an order.

Membership, Market Data, and Connectivity Fees

MEMX does not charge fees for membership, market data products, physical connectivity or application sessions.

Additional Fees

Additional fees are set forth in Rule 15.1 of the MEMX Rulebook.  Such fees include Regulatory Transaction Fees collected to fund MEMX’s Section 31 obligations and fees collected through the CRD registration system for registration of associated persons of Members that are not also FINRA members.