MEMX US Equities Test Facility Details

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MEMO Test Session Details

  • You will need to provide the Market Operations team a preference of SBE or FIX encoding for your ports. The Market Operations team will provide synthetic account, MPID, and login details for these sessions.
  • If upon order entry no MPID is specified, the default MPID will apply to the order.  However, if upon order entry the MPID on the NewOrderSingle does not match the default MPID specified for that port, the order will reject.
  • These ports are for protocol testing and MEMX will make every effort to keep the test system up and running during the specified time frames although it is not guaranteed. Results of this testing should not be considered representative of production performance and should not be used for trading system tuning.

MEMOIR multicast details

DataMulticast AddressPort
MEMOIR Depth A233.142.18.12919780
MEMOIR Depth B233.142.18.16119780
MEMOIR Top A233.142.18.13019796
MEMOIR Top B233.142.18.16219796
MEMOIR Last Sale A233.142.18.13119788
MEMOIR Last Sale B233.142.18.16319788

MEMOIR Retransmission

Gap Fill
DataTarget IPPortCredentials (user:password)
MEMOIR Depth74.119.50.1721060memoirdepthreplay:memoirdepthreplay
MEMOIR Depth74.119.50.2221060memoirdepthreplay:memoirdepthreplay
MEMOIR Top74.119.50.1921076memoirtopreplay:memoirtopreplay
MEMOIR Top74.119.50.2421076memoirtopreplay:memoirtopreplay
MEMOIR Last Sale74.119.50.1821068memoirlastreplay:memoirlastreplay
MEMOIR Last Sale74.119.50.2321068memoirlastreplay:memoirlastreplay
Last updated 9.14.2020
DataTarget IPPortCredentials (user:password)
MEMOIR Depth74.119.50.2022060memoirdepthsnapshot:memoirdepthsnapshot
MEMOIR Depth74.119.50.2522060memoirdepthsnapshot:memoirdepthsnapshot
MEMOIR Top74.119.50.2122076memoirtopsnapshot:memoirtopsnapshot
MEMOIR Top74.119.50.2622076memoirtopsnapshot:memoirtopsnapshot
Last updated 9.14.2020. Please note that the use of Snapshot requires recent changes to our MEMX-TCP specification. ReplayAll Requests will only be accepted when the server is in Snapshot Mode as indicated by the receipt of an ‘T’ in the Request Mode field of the Login Accepted message. Supported Request Modes are listed in the table below:
Mode IDDescription
SStream Mode
RReplay Mode
TSnapshot Mode

When is the test facility available?

Time (Eastern)Trading Status
8:00ASession Open
4:00PSession Closed

These hours are subject to discretion. During testing, it may be necessary for the MEMX team to do maintenance on your sessions or network, if this will interrupt the stated hours for testing MEMX will ensure communications are sent, while outside of those testing hours, MEMX asks that any alerts or outages be escalated during normal business hours.

What symbols are available in the test facility?

The following test symbols are available:


What order types are available in the test facility?

All MEMX supported order types are available: Market, Limit, and Peg (Primary, Mid).

What order modifiers are available in the test facility?

All MEMX supported order modifiers are available: ISO, RSV, Display/Non-Display, Min Qty, Post Only, Book Only, and Re-Price.

What TIFs are available in the test facility?

All MEMX supported TIFs are available:  IOC, FOK, DAY, RHO, and GTT.

How do I get more information about MEMX systems

Here is a link to the User Manual

Here is a link to our FAQs

Who do we contact if we encounter issues?

If you encounter issues the MEMX Market Operations team can be reached at or (833) 415‑6677.