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Trader Alert 21-17: Introducing the MEMX Displayed Liquidity Incentive Program

MEMX is pleased to announce our new Displayed Liquidity Incentive program (DLI), a flexible program that allows  participating members to receive a superior rebate when they add displayed liquidity to the exchange. 

Program features 

  • A generous incentive level 
  • Ease of participation and flexibility in how quoting requirements are met 

Who can participate 

  • Flexible eligibility—any MEMX member can participate with no need to register or enroll in the program 
  • No minimum volume requirements 


  • Maintain a one- or two-sided quote of at least one round lot at the NBBO for 25% of regular trading hours in an average of at least 250 securities, at least 75 of which must be DLI Target Securities, per trading day during the month  

For further information refer to: 

Please contact Market Operations or your MEMX Relationship Manager with any questions.