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SR-MEMX-2022-33: Proposed Changes to Fee Schedule

Date Filed: December 1, 2022

Description: Proposed rule change to amend the Fee Schedule to: (i) modify the Liquidity Provision Tiers; (ii) modify the Displayed Liquidity Incentive (“DLI”) Tiers; (iii) modify the NBBO Setter Tier to become the NBBO Setter/Joiner Tiers; (iv) reduce the rebates for executions of Added Non-Displayed Volume; (v) modify the Non-Display Add Tiers; (vi) adopt the Sub-Dollar Rebate Tier; (vii) add a note to the Fee Schedule stating that to the extent a single execution qualifies for one or more additive rebates, the maximum combined rebate per share provided by the Exchange shall be $0.0036; and (viii) eliminate the Step-Up Additive Rebate.