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Trader Alert 20-03: BCP/DR Testing Scheduled for September 26, 2020

In coordination with other market centers, MEMX will host a test of its secondary/disaster recovery facilities on Saturday, September 26th, 2020.  The scope for this weekend test will be a full feature test of all exchange functionality in order to ensure that MEMX is able to quickly relocate data center operations from Secaucus, NJ to Chicago, IL in the event that it was determined transacting exchange business in Secaucus, NJ would result in extra, unnecessary costs to investors. It is important for all MEMX customers to participate in these tests to ensure that each firm has the necessary connectivity in place to connect to the secondary datacenter if the need arises to move the MEMX primary operations to Chicago or some other location. Therefore, MEMX recommends that all firms work to participate in both this test on September 26th and the formal SIFMA/FIA BCP/DR test on October 24th to ensure connectivity in all possible scenarios.

Participation Details

  • Sessions must be requested at least one week prior to the test
  • Members will be able to connect, submit orders, and receive market data during the test.  
  • Drop copies will be available on request
  • For sessions please contact MEMX Market Operations
    • 1-833-415-6677
  • For questions regarding network connectivity in our Chicago facilities please contact MEMX Network Operations
    • 1-833-415-8677
  • For any questions regarding this test, please contact MEMX Market Operations

Test schedule for Saturday, September 26, 2020

Time (Eastern)Trading Status
8:30ASession Available
1:00PPost-Market Ends
1:00PSession Closed

Active Symbols

All NMS Symbols will be available for the test, including all NMS test symbols: ATEST, ATEST.A, ATEST.B, ATEST.C, CBO, CBX, CTEST, IBO, IGZ, NTEST, ZAZZT, ZBZX, ZBZZT, ZCZZT, ZEXIT, ZJZZT, ZTEST, ZVV, ZVZZT, ZXIET, and ZXZZT 

MEMOIR Market Data

Market data will be disseminated via the MEMOIR Feeds: Depth, Top, and Last and MEMOIR TCP Replay Gap Fill and Snapshot will be available. 

MEMOIR multicast details
DataMulticast AddressPort
MEMOIR Depth A233.142.18.6519780
MEMOIR Depth B233.142.18.9719780
MEMOIR Top A233.142.18.6619796
MEMOIR Top B233.142.18.9819796
MEMOIR Last Sale A233.142.18.6719788
MEMOIR Last Sale B233.142.18.9919788
Gap Fill
DataTarget IPPortCredentials (user:password)
MEMOIR Depth74.119.49.1721060memoirdepthreplay:memoirdepthreplay
MEMOIR Top74.119.49.1921076memoirtopreplay:memoirtopreplay
MEMOIR Last74.119.49.1821068memoirlastreplay:memoirlastreplay
DataTarget IPPortCredentials (user:password)
MEMOIR Depth74.119.49.2022060memoirdepthsnapshot:memoirdepthsnapshot
MEMOIR Top74.119.49.2122076memoirtopsnapshot:memoirtopsnapshot

Please note that the use of Snapshot requires recent changes to our MEMX-TCP specification. ReplayAll Requests will only be accepted when the server is in Snapshot Mode as indicated by the receipt of an ‘T’ in the Request Mode field of the Login Accepted message. Supported Request Modes are listed in the table below:

Mode IDDescription
SStream Mode
RReplay Mode
TSnapshot Mode