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Trader Alert 22-13: Updated MEMO FIX, MEMO SBE, and Fix Drop Specifications

On April 22, 2022, MEMX released a new version of its MEMO FIX, MEMO SBE, and Fix Drop specifications. Version 1.10 of MEMO and Fix Drop can be found here using the “Upcoming version” link. Please see the Specification Errata document included in the download for details. Note: the MEMX MDE test environment already has this update; it will be released to production on Monday May 2, 2022. MEMX does validate versions for 1.9 and higher for MEMO and Fix Drop. MEMX will continue to support version 1.9. Please reach out to if you would like your accounts to be configured for version 1.9 or higher.

Our Market Operations and Member Experience teams are here for any of your questions.  

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