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Trader Alert 21-04: Routing Functionality Testing on February 6, 2021

On Saturday February 6, 2021 MEMX will conduct a weekend UAT for Members to test Routing Functionality in the production environment. As a reminder, MEMX will only be routing to satisfy Reg NMS and is not supporting any specific routing strategies or allowing directed routing. The scope of this weekend test is limited to NMS routing functionality.

Test Schedule for Saturday February 6, 2021:

Time (Eastern)Trading Status
8:30A Session Available
9:00A Pre-Market
9:30A Market
12:00P Post-Market
1:00PPost-Market Closed
1:15P Session Closed

What symbols will be available for routing?

All NMS and test symbols will be available for NMS routing.

How can I prepare for the weekend test?

Starting February 1, 2021 routing will be enabled in our MDE environment for all Members. Routing will also be enabled for all Members for the February 6 UAT. However, in order to be enabled for routing in production on the go-live date, Members need to complete the MEMX routing documentation.

Routing go live date is planned for release to production in late February. Stay tuned for additional Trader Alerts with further details.

Please contact Market Operations with any questions.  
MEMX Market Operations | 1-833-415-6677