Trader Alerts

Trader Alert 20-13: Fee Schedule Updates Effective December 4, 2020

Effective December 4, 2020, MEMX will implement the following pricing for executions in securities priced below $1.00:

  • for all orders that add liquidity, MEMX will provide a rebate equal to 0.05% of the total dollar value of the execution;
  • for all orders that remove liquidity, MEMX will charge a fee equal to 0.05% of the total dollar value of the execution.

Below is a table depicting revised fees and rebates effective as of December 4, 2020.

Fee CodeDescriptionFee/(Rebate) – Securities at or above $1.00 (“A”)Fee/(Rebate) – Securities below $1.00 (“B”)
B, D or JAdded displayed volume $(0.0029)(0.05% of total dollar value)
Br, Dr or JrAdded displayed volume, Retail Order $(0.0034)(0.05% of total dollar value)
H or MAdded non-displayed volume $(0.0020)(0.05% of total dollar value)
RRemoved volume from MEMX Book $0.00250.05% of total dollar value
ZRouted to another market, removed liquidity$0.0030No charge

Please contact Market Operations or your MEMX Relationship Manager with any questions.