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Trader Alert 20-04: MEMX Launch Phase 1

See the updated Phase 1 rollout for the latest info.

What Symbols are Active in Phase 1?

ACST, BB, ED, F-B, GOOG, ICSH, XOM, all NMS test symbols

NOTE: NMS routing is not currently enabled, MEMX will provide an update when we plan to enable it.

What is the market schedule?

Time (Eastern)Trading Status
5:00PPost-Market Ends

Market Data, Quote, and Trade Reporting?

The MEMX SIP Participation ID is “U”.

MEMOIR multicast feed details
DataMulticast AddressPort
MEMOIR Depth A233.142.18.119780
MEMOIR Depth B233.142.18.3319780
MEMOIR Top A233.142.18.219796
MEMOIR Top B233.142.18.3419796
MEMOIR Last Sale A233.142.18.319788
MEMOIR Last Sale B233.142.18.3519788
Gap Fill
DataTarget IPPortCredentials (user:password)
MEMOIR Depth74.119.48.1721060memoirdepthreplay:memoirdepthreplay
MEMOIR Depth74.119.48.2221060memoirdepthreplay:memoirdepthreplay
MEMOIR Top74.119.48.1921076memoirtopreplay:memoirtopreplay
MEMOIR Top74.119.48.2421076memoirtopreplay:memoirtopreplay
MEMOIR Last74.119.48.1821068memoirlastreplay:memoirlastreplay
MEMOIR Last74.119.48.2321068memoirlastreplay:memoirlastreplay
DataTarget IPPortCredentials (user:password)
MEMOIR Depth74.119.48.2022060memoirdepthsnapshot:memoirdepthsnapshot
MEMOIR Depth74.119.48.2522060memoirdepthsnapshot:memoirdepthsnapshot
MEMOIR Top74.119.48.2122076memoirtopsnapshot:memoirtopsnapshot
MEMOIR Top74.119.48.2622076memoirtopsnapshot:memoirtopsnapshot
Note: The use of Snapshot requires MEMX-TCP v1.1a