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Trader Alert 22-26: MWCB Testing Opportunity – September 10, 2022

The Securities Information Processors (“SIPs”) will conduct Market-Wide Circuit Breaker (“MWCB”) tests breaching Level 1, 2, and 3 on Saturday, September 10, 2022. In coordination with other market participants, MEMX will participate in the test and published a test script: MEMX 2022 Market-Wide Circuit Breaker Test Script.

Certain members designated by MEMX are required to participate in at least one industry-wide MWCB test each year and to verify participation. These members were designated on April 14, 2022. Please reference Regulatory Notice 22-04: Mandatory Participation in Market-Wide Circuit Breaker Testing. MEMX encourages all members to participate in MWCB testing.

Additional Testing Opportunities

The SIPs’ current MWCB testing schedule after September 10, 2022, includes:

  • Saturday, December 3 – SIP Failover / MWCB Level 1 and 2

For questions regarding designation as a MEMX mandatory participant please contact MEMX Compliance:

Our Market Operations and Member Experience teams are here for any of your questions.  

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